You can Notice these Pressure Washer Tips for Beginners


If you notice and one does not know how to use a pressure washer properly, they can cause a lot of damage. It’s n doubt a mandatory and recommended approach to do your basic homework before getting a pressure washer and starting to operate it. If you have never used it before, follow the easy tips to begin.

In most cases, pressure washers work by pumping water through a hose to increase pressure. That pump is powered by gasoline or by the help of electricity.

There are various pros and cons for the both.

  1. Gas-powered washers can provide relatively higher PSI and GPM than the electric version. This extra power implies that surfaces can be cleaned much faster with them.
  2. Gasoline engines require constant maintenance. One needs to change the oil regularly and make sure that you utilize the proper additives if you plan to store the machinery for a longer period.
  3. Electric washers can help more than their gas-powered counterparts in various circumstances. One doesn’t have to worry about the gas fumes.

    • The major advantage is that electric pressure washers cannot produce harmful emissions. If there is any need, one can use it indoors—though there is a hearing protection requirement and a very reliable way to remove water.
    • An electric engine means that you don’t need to worry regarding oil changes and a few other maintenance tasks.
    • On the contrary, an electric pressure washer cannot produce the similar power of a gas-powered model. If there is a need to clean a large or very dirty area, an electric pressure washer takes much longer to complete the job.
    • Irrespective of whateve one chooses either a gas or electric pressure washer product, the size of the engine will also need to be considered.
    • Engine size dictates the amount of power a machine can produce like any other machine powered by an engine. There is no way a small engine can produce the same volume of water, water pressure, or gallons per minute as a larger engine.
  4. The water pressure produced by light-duty pressure washers is under 2,000 PSI. A light-duty electric pressure washer is ideal for cleaning the occasional outdoor item or cleaning a small deck or patio.
  5. For cleaning your siding, driveway, or fencing around your home, as well as smaller jobs around the house, you will need a medium-duty pressure washer. 2,000 to 2,800 PSI is the pressure of the water when used with a pressure washer of this size.
  6. A heavy-duty pressure washer may be your best option if you need to clean large areas of concrete or reach a second story. The maximum pressure of a heavy-duty pressure washer reaches 2,900 to 3,300 PSI.
  7. The size of the pressure washer’s engine is the determinant of the machine’s overall power, and the angle of the water stream is determined by the nozzle you choose.
  8. It is very important to consider the angle so that you can control what can be done with the water stream. It is more powerful to spray narrow-angles than wide-angles.
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