How to Keep Chiavari Chairs Well-Maintained?


Chiavari chairs are a fantastic piece of art that stands out in any furniture. Even after years of invention, these chairs still have no strong competitor in the market. However, with the uniqueness and preciseness of their design, it’s pretty challenging to keep these chairs well-maintained.

The maintenance of these chairs depends on the following factors;

  • The material of chairs (wood or clear chiavari chairs)
  • The design of chairs
  • How often are the chairs used
  • Are chairs used in home or events etc.

All these factors determine the time and method of cleaning Chiavari chairs. Even though the maintenance and cleaning of every furniture item are essential, as these chairs are expensive, it’s better not to ignore them.

Here are some ways to keep your Chiavari chairs clean and long-lasting;

1. Clean Dirty Chairs Thoroughly and Carefully

The cleaning of chairs depends on the use and placement. If you have these chairs at home, make sure to clean them every day thoroughly and carefully. However, chairs used in large hotels or events are so many that it’s impossible to clean them regularly.

In such a case, you should clean the chairs from the day of the event to the end of every event and store them properly.

While cleaning the chairs, keep these points in mind;

  • Use soft fabric or brush for cleaning
  • Avoid using steam cleaners
  • Harsh chemicals, abrasive cleaners, and pressure washing can damage the quality of the chairs after consistent use

2. Protect Chair Legs from Wear and Tear

Unlike other furniture, the legs of Chiavari chairs are usually well-made with excellent and precise designs. Legs are generally the signature part of these chairs. So, while moving and storing the chairs, ensure to protect the chair’s legs from wear and tear.

Otherwise, the chair’s value, appearance, and reselling cost will be reduced. You can use a tablecloth/table runner or other protective mats for leg protection.

3. Keep Stacks Stable and Secure

A chair cart is a good way to transport your chairs, allowing you to move them quickly from room to room. If you have multiple stacks of chairs in one location, consider using a chair cart and placing your stack on top of one another.

So that they’re easier for guests or family members who want to help themselves during company gatherings.

Use protective shields or covers when storing your Chiavari chairs outdoors in bad weather (such as rain). They’ll keep moisture away from their surface while protecting them against dust particles and other debris that might otherwise cause damage over time.

4. Vacuum or Wash Upholstered Seats Once A Week

The upholstered seats get dirty easily if used frequently. So, with the maintenance of chair structure, it’s also important to keep the seats clean. If the chairs are used very frequently, it’s better to wash the seat fabric once a week or at least a month. Otherwise, vacuum cleaning will also do the job very well.

5. Use Chair Cart for Easy Transport

As mentioned above, carts are essential for chair transport. So, when choosing the cart, make sure that the cart is sturdy. A good quality chair cart should have a wide base and wheels that can be locked in place, so it won’t tip over when moving it around the whole place.


All the above-listed practices are to keep your Chiavari chairs long-lasting and good-looking. You might find the process a bit tricky, but it will take an hour or two to complete the task, and the results will always amaze you.

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