ZF / Vodafone project. Women in business. Irina Caleşu, founder, Record Your Story: Technology has evolved a lot in our business, it has brought us closer to our customers


Irina Caleşu, the founder of the personalized jewelry workshop Engrave Your Story, states that technology has evolved a lot in the business she runs and improved interaction with customers.

“Technology has evolved a lot. On the engraving side, we improved and upgraded the machines in the first phase and then we completely changed the technique because we wanted products with more and more engraving precision. First of all, technology has helped us a lot in the area of ​​connecting with customers. If 7 years ago when the brand Record Your Story was at the beginning it was enough to send an order confirmation email, today the technology has brought us very close to our customers and we communicate through all possible channels. The support team Record Your Story accesses channels such as Whatsapp, iMessage, anything that exists as a technology where customers can contact us and we are with them until 10 pm daily “, said Irina Caleşu during the show Women in Business, made by Ziarul Financiar in partnership with Vodafone.

Entrepreneur Irina Caleşu runs a business with a turnover of over 4.5 million lei in 2020, according to public data from the Ministry of Finance. Last year, Atelierul Dalma, the company that owns the Graveaza Povestea Ta brand, had an average of 25 employees. For 2021, the entrepreneur expects a 20% increase in turnover.

Vodafone Romania has launched the commercial package “Special Edition, Vodafone – Ziarul Financiar”, which offers small and medium-sized companies a complete solution of connectivity services, unlimited access to the ZF Corporate platform and support through a dedicated Vodafone consultant.

Tapia enjoys discussing business topics with others and is always looking to learn more about the world of commerce. He has worked in a number of industries throughout his career, giving him a well-rounded perspective on what works and what doesn't. In particular, he is interested in exploring how blockchain technology can be used to create efficiencies in business processes.


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