ZF / First Bank Business lessons. Ovidiu Palea, Provita: The major cost in health is related to how long the patient stays in the hospital, hence the financial efficiency. In Romania, he stays in the hospital excessively


♦  Association with medical teams, identifying a niche and the ability to financially support the business in the first years, until break-even, are the main strategies in building a private business in the field of health, believes doctor Ovidiu Palea, founder of Provita  ♦  Launched ago for a decade, Provita is a business specialized in interventions on difficult patients, in the spring of next year it will open a new hospital in Bucharest, after an investment of 12 million euros.

The Provita Group currently includes two medical clinics, two imaging clinics, an analysis laboratory, a hospital and a wellness and recovery center – all located in Bucharest – for which it has about 180 full-time employees, respectively over 200 employees. .

Last year, according to data from the Ministry of Finance, Provita Medical Center had a turnover of 38 million lei, increasing by 37% compared to 2019, at the level of the entire group being estimated a business for this year of 65-70 million lei. lei, 40% higher than in 2020.


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