Nicoleta Munteanu, managing partner of EuroInsol, has invested 200,000 euros in an entrepreneurial education business for children and schools


Nicoleta Munteanu , founder and main shareholder of Euroinsol , launched in 2020 Kids in Business, an entrepreneurial education project that has been accessed so far by over 1500 primary school students from private and state schools.

The initial investment is about 200,000 euros, amount allocated for the development of entrepreneurship education programs, the organization of fairs dedicated to small entrepreneurs, interactive entrepreneurship education manuals, entrepreneurship applications and games, but also for the creation of the first entrepreneurship hub for children, located in sector 2 of the capital.  

“We can’t talk about a prosperous society if we don’t have successful entrepreneurs, and the experience in insolvency has helped me understand how important it is to learn business-specific skills from an early age. Currently, the Romanian education system focuses more on memorizing notions instead of stimulating students’ critical thinking and potential, and the results are captured in the PISA tests, where we have among the weakest results. The Kids in Business concept is meant to develop the little ones’ spirit of initiative, their curiosity to research and discover and, at the same time, to teach them that any failure is a lesson and an opportunity for growth ”, says Nicoleta Munteanu.

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